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Pioneering and leadership since 1996

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The first dental whitening gels developed and produced in Brazil took the world by storm!

Whiteness is a leader in the national market and in fifteen other markets, and is present in more than 100 countries, with quality and safety recognized and proven over a history of more than 28 years.

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Discover the most complete line on the market

There is always a Whiteness solution for each patient particularities:

sensibilidade 1 - Line Whiteness

Patients with high dentin sensitivity

seguro 1 - Line Whiteness

Faster and more dynamic treatments

nao vital 1 - Line Whiteness

Non-vital teeth

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Different techniques: take-home, in-office or associated technique

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marca whiteness perfect 02 1 - Line Whiteness

Carbamide peroxide 10%, 16% and 22%.

Voted the best at-home dental whitening gel in USA for five consecutive years by Dental Advisor, Whiteness Perfect has also been a leader in Brazil for over 20 years!

FGM’s knowledge and technology are transmitted for maximum safety and effectiveness of results, with the best desensitizing package, high water content and pH close to neutral.

marca white class 02 - Line Whiteness

Hydrogen peroxide at 6%, 7.5% and 10%.

For patients looking for a treatment with less daily wearing time, White Class is the answer.

The desensitizing agents and the calcium present in its composition work to ensure that in addition to whiter teeth, safety and comfort are also guaranteed.

marca whiteness blue 02 - Line Whiteness

35% hydrogen peroxide.

Comfortable and safe whitening with excellent results is possible with Whiteness HP Blue. Its formula includes an alkaline and stable pH, enriched with calcium that provides less sensitivity proven by scientific studies, and maintains the integrity of tooth enamel. Practicality is present in the syringe coupling system that facilitates mixing of phases and application for up to 40 minutes per session.

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marca whiteness hp automixx plus - Line Whiteness

35% hydrogen peroxide.

Whiteness HP AutoMixx 35% Plus offers the practicality of self-mixing of the phases, which now has an alkaline and stable pH for minimum sensitivity. Its high performance is also part of the benefits of the whitening gel, with applications of up to 50 minutes without changing and performance of up to 4 sessions.

logo fgm dg 1 1 - Line Whiteness
marca whiteness hp automixx 6 - Line Whiteness

6% hydrogen peroxide.

The only office whitening agent recommended for young patients.

Total professional control of the protocol and results together with the low concentration of hydrogen peroxide and the exclusive brush tip provide safety and reduced sensitivity. This makes the procedure possible on young teeth (bulky pulp).

marca whiteness hp 02 - Line Whiteness

35% hydrogen peroxide for office use.

A pioneer and consolidated in several markets with the traditional Peroxide + Thickener bottle system, Whiteness HP is synonymous with trust and quality within dental practices.

marca whiteness hp maxx 02 - Line Whiteness

35% hydrogen peroxide for office use

The presentation in two separate bottles, peroxide and thickener, allows the product to be manipulated in the necessary quantity; avoiding waste. In addition, it has a heat blocker that prevents dental heating when using light sources.

marca whiteness rm 02 - Line Whiteness

6% hydrochloric acid and silicon carbide.

Effective and definitive removal of tooth stains restricted to the enamel, in addition to not causing tooth sensitivity, it can be applied manually or with the help of a rubber cup.

marca whiteness super endo 01 - Line Whiteness

Whitening agent based on 37% carbamide peroxide for use as an indwelling dressing on non-vital teeth.

ATTENTION: products sold only by prescription (the procedure must be carried out by a dentist or under his supervision).

Being number 1 means always being remembered and studied

FGM’s Dental whitening line is quoted in hundreds of scientific studies that help prove what you already know: Whiteness delivers excellence in every smile!

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