Arcsys Guided Surgery

Planning and precision from start to finish

Enjoy all the benefits of the Arcsys System enhanced with the high precision of Guided Surgery to obtain superior aesthetic-functional results with more comfort, efficiency and safety during the procedure.

The best bone position with the best prosthetic position

In conventional systems, implant and prosthetic planning is restricted to only predefined angles. Using Arcsys Guided Surgery, the implant can be installed in the best bone position with high precision (to preserve noble tissues, bone volume and avoid risk areas) and use prosthetic component angulation technology to obtain the best prosthetic position. Check out the video.

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High predictability with safety and comfort

Check out the unique benefits of Arcsys Guided Surgery.

Planning and Customization

  • Greater freedom of three-dimensional implant positioning.
  • Exclusivity of Arcsys prosthetic component angulation customization from 0° to 20°.
  • Precision in implant and prosthesis positioning.
  • Control over prosthetic emergence and peri-implant aesthetics.
  • Open planning system.

Time Reduction with Safety

  • Protection of noble structures and anatomical accidents.
  • Possibility of single drilling directly in the surgical guide.
  • Possibility of minimally invasive interventions and without incisions (“flap less”).
  • Fast surgeries with preservation of bone tissue volume.

Comfortable professional and patient

  • Allows the installation of short implants (5mm), reducing or avoiding reconstructive surgery.
  • Exclusive drills for the posterior region or reduced spaces.
  • Precision in the positioning of the implant and the prosthesis.
  • Optimization of clinical time and reduction of the number of appointments.
  • Greater comfort and rapid recovery during and in the postoperative period.
  • Complete and simplified system.

Check out the simplified workflow of Arcsys Guided Surgery below.

a2 - Arcsys Guided Surgery

Cone beam computed tomography

b2 - Arcsys Guided Surgery

Digital models

c2 - Arcsys Guided Surgery

Sending the exams to the planning center

d2 1 - Arcsys Guided Surgery

Planning execution

d2 1 - Arcsys Guided Surgery

Planning approval

g2 1 - Arcsys Guided Surgery


f2 1 - Arcsys Guided Surgery

Creation of the prototype surgical guide

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