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Whiteness HP Blue

Hydrogen peroxide whitening gel at 35% for in-office use.

  • Syringe coupling system
  • Single application per session: stable and alkaline pH
  • Lower sensitivity



Single application per session:
The product can remain in contact with the teeth for up to 40 minutes without having to be replaced as the ph remains stable throughout the session. Besides, it causes less sensitivity.

Self-catalyzed system:
The exclusive formula of Whiteness HP Blue contains catalysts that make it much more active and efficient, dispensing with the use of external sources of acceleration.

Contains calcium:
Significantly reduces the decay in microhardness of the enamel, keeping the integrity of the enamel.

Pre-measured portions:
The proportion between the thickener and peroxide phases comes pre-determined and packaged in syringes, which facilitates the process of preparing the gel and saves time. The total measured amount is enough to cover the smile line on both dental arches, without waste.

Ease in mixing the phases:
A syringe coupling system allows the two phases to be easily mixed, ensuring perfect homogeneity.

Does not change color:
The product does not change its color throughout the process making the visual control easier.


Whitening of vital and non-vital teeth using the in-office whitening technique.

Commercial Availability


• 1 set of syringes with 1.2g
• 1 syringe of Top dam with 2g.



• 6 sets of syringes (1.2g per set, 7.2g of gel in total)
• 1 bottle with 2g of Neutralize (neutralizing solution for peroxide)
• 1 syringe of Top dam with 2g
• 6 syringe coupling devices
• 12 applicator tips.

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Scientific evidence

We provide direct links to publications from major scientific portals containing studies conducted with our products.

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